21st General Conference in Sibiu, Romania 2011

:: The 21st General Conference Session

Bulletin #10, September 11, 2011

Spiritual Messages

The morning worship was presented by Daniel Guzman, the incoming Regional Secretary for Central America. The theme of his message was "The Only Safe Course," based on Matthew 26:41. This message can be heard at: Session Daily Worship

Following breakfast the Session reconvened for the business of the morning. Davi Paes Silva shared his thought for the day from John 15:1-10. "Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit."

What was Jesus talking about here—to be in Christ and yet not bear fruit? How is this possible? We can profess Christ and have a theoretical knowledge about Christ and yet not bear fruit. If that is our experience, then we are not in Christ by a living faith. There is a sad quote in the book Desire of Ages: "Many names are registered in the church that are not registered in the Book of Life."

"Remain in me," "abide in me," "I am the vine you are the branches," "you can do nothing without me," are truths that Christ repeated about 10 times in this chapter. When a truth is often repeated, it means it is important. It is essential then that we are in Christ. We can make wonderful resolutions and plans here, but if we are not closely connected with Christ, all resolutions are in vain. If we are connected with Christ, we don't need so many resolutions. What is the main condition to have our prayers answered? "Examine yourselves" (2 Corinthians 13:5). May the Lord help us to examine ourselves, and if we are separated from Christ, let us come back and thus we may produce much fruit.


A highlight of the Session during the morning was the tokens of appreciation given to all the members of the various support committees that have made the running of the Session possible. Davi P. Silva and D Sureshkumar thanked each brother and sister for their contribution in the work of the Lord on behalf of the delegation. Each person was given a Certificate of Appreciation and a small gift.

In the afternoon, the Session considered further recommendations from the Finance Committee and Plans Committee. The main decisions included the following:

• It was clarified that a "new Mission" should be self-supporting within a six-year period from the time of initial development. In an effort to encourage the financial independence of new Missions, the General Conference administration will assist these Missions with the design and implementation of income-generating projects. The Stewardship Department will be responsible for the raising of seed funds for these projects.

• The Sabbath Bible Lessons ministry was again revisited. As many readers of the lessons would like to verify or access the Ellen G White materials included in the study materials, it was decided that as far as possible all comments from the writings of Ellen G White should be taken from published sources that are readily accessible. The illustrations used on the covers will be given more careful evaluation. It was also agreed to dedicate at least one quarterly during each four-year term of the Sabbath Bible Lessons to the subject of missionary work.

• The four-year cycles of Sabbath School Lessons for Teenagers (13-16) and Juniors (9-12), which have some lessons still to be published for each cycle, are to be completed as soon as possible.

• The importance of the welfare work was recognized by the Session and a decision was taken that in order for the welfare work to function more efficiently and to be better organized, the GC Welfare Department will provide the necessary orientation and support to each Unit in order to have this work registered wherever this department is not legally recognized by the government.

The evening worship is available in audio format at: Session Daily Worship

Bulletin Committee: Peter D. Lausevic, Paul Chapman, and Daniel Lee

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