21st General Conference in Sibiu, Romania 2011

:: The 21st General Conference Session

Bulletin #8, September 7, 2011

Spiritual Messages

The morning worship was presented by Simeon Muresan from Romania. The theme of his message was "Search Your Own Heart." A full copy of this worship is available in audio at: Session Daily Worship

Following breakfast the Session reconvened for the business of the morning. Davi Paes Silva shared his thought for the day from Rom 13:8-14. We have precious comments from the pen of inspiration: "Sincere Christians have no doubtful piety. They have put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and have made no provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof. They are constantly looking to Jesus for His orders, as a servant looks to His master, or as a maid looks to her mistress. Wheresoever God's providence may lead, they stand ready to go. They take no glory to themselves. They do not call anything they have--learning, talents, property--their own, but regard themselves as only stewards of the manifold grace of Christ, and servants to the church for Christ's sake. These are messengers of the Lord, a light amid the darkness. Their hearts throb in unison with the great heart of Christ."—SDA Bible Commentary, Vol. 6, p. 1081.

According to Romans 13:8-14 the main principle is God's love. We are stewards and we have nothing that belongs to ourselves. What is a steward? He is an administrator of someone else's property. We have nothing to boast about. As we follow His footprints and we look to Christ by His grace we will reflect His character. If we look to Him, our work today will be a blessing.

Partial Reports

The main business of the session during the day was the consideration of partial reports from the Nominating Committee and Plans Committee.

The Publications Approval Board was confirmed consisting of B. Jaksic (Chairman), N Brittain, AC Sas, Daniel Dumitru and Francisco Devai. A subcommittee for the review of electronic publications will be elected by the General Conference Council.

The General Conference Ministerial Committee was confirmed and consists of Davi P. Silva (Chairman), D Sureshkumar, Peter D. Lausevic, Eli Tenorio da Silva and Liviu Tudoroiu.

The General Conference Bylaws Committee was also confirmed and consists of Peter Lausevic (Chairman), Walter Lukic, Jorai Cruz, Marcos Pedrazas and Jaime Campos.

As a result of the Plans Committee report, the following decisions were made:

• A Music Committee, functioning under the Youth Department, is to be created and charged with the task of preparing guideline materials that will be sent to all Units of the General Conference.

• A need for the Missionary Department to consider expanding evangelistic missionary projects in developing countries was also recognized, as was the need to focus missionary efforts in unreached areas for the salvation of souls.

• The preparation of evangelistic materials to professional standards, including Bible Study Guides, PowerPoint Presentations, and video materials such as "Treasures of Truth" was given to the incoming Missionary Department Director to implement them.

• The session agreed that in order to involve and empower lay members to do missionary work, every local church should organize small missionary teams.

The session adjourned their business for the day and the committees continued their work.

Evening worship entitled "Searching Questions" was conducted by S Soundrapandian from India. An audio copy is available online at: Session Daily Worship

Bulletin Committee: Peter D. Lausevic, Paul Chapman, and Daniel Lee

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