21st General Conference in Sibiu, Romania 2011

:: The 21st General Conference Session

Bulletin #6, September 5, 2011

Spiritual Messages

Several days have passed since our last bulletin has gone out. On Friday evening, Carlos Linares, the president of the Chilean Union, took the study based on Jeremiah 8:20 entitled "To Weep or to Rejoice." Samuel Diaz from Peru took the morning worship on Sabbath under the title "Troubles on All Sides." His main text was from Zephaniah 2:3.

We first thought that we could not hold the Sabbath meetings outside because the weather was getting colder and rain was falling. However, by morning the sun came up and it was once again warm enough for outdoor meetings. The Sabbath School was conducted by the newly elected General Conference Director of that Department, Paul Chapman from Australia. The Sabbath morning worship service was presented by Benjamin Thiel, president of the Australasian Union, under the topic entitled "Dealing with Disappointment" based on Philippians 4:12-13. As the sun was setting and the temperature was dropping, Ljuban Vukotic, from Ohio, USA, held the closing of the Sabbath study based on Leviticus 20:26 entitled "A High Standard."

Sunday morning after many of the brethren had returned from visiting some of the local churches in Romania, we began our day with the morning worship entitled "Will You Stand the Test?" based on Deuteronomy 8:2. Megale Holemo from Ethiopia gave the message of encouragement as we began the day's work. Following breakfast the Session reconvened for the business of the morning . Davi Paes Silva shared an opening thought based on Isaiah 12:1-6. The same day man committed sin, Christ put himself in man's place. Then the wrath of God was transferred from man to Christ. The SOP says we should announce this wonderful love to the world. "In that day we shall praise the Lord…." Let us pray that we can represent His character of love and compassion during our Session.

The Temporary Medical Missionary, Doctrinal, and Bylaws committees presented the reports of their work thus far. These reports were tabled before the Session adjourned for the day. In the evening Giordano Tinta, the vice-president of the Field in Italy, presented the subject entitled "Why Christ Delays" based on 1 Corinthians 7:29.

Today we began at 7:00 in the morning with the worship topic "Ready to Answer" based on 1 Peter 3:15. Marius Stroia, the newly elected Education and Family Department Director gave the message of the morning. The evening worship was conducted by Joao Baptista Praia, the president of the Angolan Union in Africa. His topic was entitled "The Feast That Satisfies" with the key verse from Matthew 5:6.

You can find most of these presentations in audio format on the following address: Session Daily Worship

General Conference Executive Committee/Council

The General Conference Executive Committee was elected today. Five of the elected brethren are automatically on this committee. Two additional members were added to complete seven members.

• President, Davi Paes Silva

• 1st Vice President, Duraisamy Sureshkumar

• 2nd Vice President, Peter D. Lausevic

• Secretary, Eli Tenorio

• Treasurer, Rudolfo Gessner

• The Regional Secretary from North America, Liviu Tudoroiu

• The Publishing Department Director, Daniel Lee.

The 19 member GC Council was also recognized as all members are automatically on the Council by virtue of their office. In the past, others were added to make up the odd number but on this occasion, that quantity was reached by virtue of their office. They are as follows:

Davi Paes Silva

• Duraisamy Sureshkumar

• Peter D. Lausevic

• Eli Tenorio

• Rudolfo Gessner

• Liviu Tudoroiu

• Daniel Lee

• Romulo Borges

• Paul Chapman

• Sammy Doss

• Rolly Dumaguit

• Adrian Finaru

• Segundo D. Guzman

• Manuel Henda

• Dragan Ivanov

• Petru Manugul

• Ferenc Matyas

• Marius Stroia

• David Zic.

Other Officers

The committees continued their work during most of the day. However, a few nominations were elected by the Session today.

The Assistant Regional Secretary for the Pacific, Nehemiah Chang, was approved.

Pacific Regional Secretary Assistant/Nehemiah Chang


Pedro Conceicao, the president of the Portugal Field, was elected the Auditor.

Auditor/Pedro Conceicao


Since the Editor was elected Thursday, the Assistant Editor, Barbara Montrose, was elected today.

Assistant Editor/Barbara Montrose


Duraisamy Sureshkumar was also approved as the Public Relations Director. The GC Council will elect a committee of brethren of experience from different Regions as this department has become so active in the past few years that one or two individuals cannot handle all that responsibility.

We hope you take this opportunity to listen to some of the sermons from this past weekend. Session Daily Worship

God Bless.

Bulletin Committee: Peter D. Lausevic, Paul Chapman, and Daniel Lee

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